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Spark Fitness September 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to the September edition of the Spark Fitness newsletter! As we settle into back-to-school schedules and transition into fall, we have some exciting updates and events to share with you.

We have a variety of pop-up classes lined up to add a little (pumpkin?) spice to your workout schedule. On September 15, we’re hosting a multiple sclerosis donation ride to support one of our members. Whether or not you participate in the pop-up, feel free to make a donation. Thank you for your support!

A little further down the road, we’ve added two more Spark Run Club events to the calendar. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, our run club provides a supportive and motivating environment to improve your running skills and meet fellow fitness enthusiasts. Lace up your sneakers and join us!


We believe that our members and staff are the heart and soul of Spark Fitness, and we want to celebrate their achievements and contributions. In this newsletter, we will be highlighting two of our outstanding members who have reached significant milestones in their fitness journeys. We will also shine a spotlight on our newest staff member who’s ready to contribute to the welcoming and inspiring atmosphere that our studio is known for.

Thank you for being a part of the Spark Fitness community. We look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals this September!

Happening This Month

Employee Spotlight: Victoria

Introducing our newest trainer, Victoria Pascuzzi, an enthusiastic addition to our team!

With a passion for group fitness and an impressive history of training since 2019, Victoria brings a vibrant energy to every session. You’ll never find her without a smile, as she is constantly dancing and singing, radiating positivity wherever she goes. When she’s not motivating others or working up a sweat, she indulges in her love for churros, passionately supports the Bills, and admires the talented Harry Styles.

Remarkably well-rounded, Victoria’s downtime is spent immersed in books, always seeking new knowledge and inspiration. Above all, she cherishes the group fitness environment and is particularly drawn to the strong sense of community found at Spark.

Her excitement to be part of our team is palpable, and we’re thrilled to have her on board. Let’s give a warm welcome to Victoria!


I have a history of disordered eating and a poor relationship with food and exercise. When I started taking group fitness classes, my only goal was to be “skinny” for my sister’s wedding. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the goal wasn’t skinny, it was healthy, and that working out is way more fun when you’re surrounded by like-minded people, laughing through the pain with you. Most of the time, it doesn’t even feel like a workout, but instead a big ol’ dance party, and who can say no to that?!

Five years later, my mindset has completely changed. Food is not just meant to fuel you, but to be enjoyed. Exercise is not a punishment, but a celebration. Balance exists across all aspects of health and wellness, and any goal you have set for yourself is far more likely to be achieved if you love yourself through the process.

You can catch @litttlesnappy teaching classes on Wednesday nights starting in September! Be sure to say hello if you see her working out next to you!

Spark for a cause


Spark member Theresa Puckett is running the Walt Disney World Marathon in January as part of Team MSAA, which provides free programs and direct services to individuals with multiple sclerosis, their families, and care partners.

Join us on Friday, September 15 at 6 p.m. for a donation ride to help Theresa meet her fundraising goal. The class is free, but please consider donating the usual class fee to Team MSAA. We hope to see you there!

Donate to Team MSAA:!/donation/checkout


We’ve had an amazing time at our cornhole events, and we’re honored to participate in the #55 Steve Smith Cornhole Tournament on September 23 at noon. Steve passed away in June; proceeds from this event will benefit his family.


Sandra started with us in March of 2021 by participating in our 3-week challenge. She has been with us ever since! Going from class packs (because she is a busy nurse and mom!) to a full-on 4x/week membership, Sandra is coachable and friendly, and we are so proud of how consistent she has become with her workouts. Do you see those arms??!! 👀👀💪💪


Favorite food: It’s a tie between pizza 🍕and tacos 🌮!! (Don’t forget the wine🍷or margaritas to go along with either of those 😜)

Favorite quote: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.” -Maya Angelou

Favorite hobby: Enjoying the outdoors with my family in any way that I can.

Favorite exercise: Squats

Advice to a newcomer: Be kind and patient with yourself. Consistency really matters! If you just keep showing up, eventually you will have tricked yourself into a routine you don’t feel good breaking. You’ll start feeling the difference when you don’t workout and won’t want to go without it anymore. If you’re feeling sluggish or sore, pay attention to your nutrition and give your body the fuel it needs. Bonus, you’ll see better results that way too!

Thank you, Spark Fitness, for helping me be consistent with exercise for the first time in my life. I feel great! ♥️


We had a blast getting dirty at Muddy Buffalo last month, and we want to keep the momentum going! We’re taking a break this month, but we’ll be participating in two epic races later this fall. Registration details are below.

EVL Halloween Half, 5k, & Relay
October 21
Ellicottville, NY

YMCA Buffalo Niagara Turkey Trot
November 23
Buffalo, NY or virtual


This month we’re also celebrating Michelle, who has been at our facility since day one! Michelle always walks in the door at 5 a.m. with a smile on her face, ready to tackle the day! Her positive demeanor and work ethic is what makes her sparkle!!! Thank you for your continued support, Michelle! We 💙 you!!!


At Spark, people can expect a fun, comfortable, and encouraging environment to work on their fitness goals. The workout routines are always different, which keeps workouts interesting. The staff is always supportive and easy to approach.

Spark is very different from other gyms I’ve been to. I was a member of a “big gym” for nearly a decade and attended classes regularly, but not one class instructor made an effort to learn my name or make a suggestion to improve my workout. At Spark, since day one, the staff knew my name and have always pushed me to do my best during workouts.

I find Spark is an incredibly comfortable environment to workout in. Not only is the staff encouraging, so are all of the other members.

I joined Spark because I knew I liked group training and knew I liked the schedule options. I didn’t realize 5:30 a.m. would be the class that works best for me, but now I LOVE starting my day at Spark, and it helps me set my tone for the day. I find my workouts are just as important for my mental health as my physical health.

I have made progress since coming to Spark. I am a lot stronger and able to lift heavier weights than I ever thought I could. I also am much more confident in the exercises and being able to execute the moves effectively. I recently conquered my fear of doing box jumps. It’s a great feeling to be able to do something that seemed out of reach!

Spark Fitness is more than “just a gym.” Besides awesome and intense workouts, I think the thing that stands out the most for me is the ability to build relationships with the staff and other members. I am thankful for Spark Fitness and the opportunity it has given me to invest in myself.”